St. Regis Changsha

Changsha Yunda St. Regis Hotel is said as “Beautiful but a bit of Pride St. Regis, which may be the best luxury Five-star hotel in Changsha”. The hotel is in the highest building of Yunda Central Plaza and situated from 48 floor to 63 floor. For this reason, the hotel specially owns its helipad on the top floor of the building, and it provides extraordinary treatment for clients.

The hotel adheres the brand style & tradition of St. Regis. It skillfully combines innovative technology & traditional aesthetics and improves the industry standard of Changsha Luxury hotel through living experience beyond expectation, characteristic housekeeping service, unique dinning option and design style .

The hotel lobby design makes an impression: it didn’t use traditional luxury & big chandelier which would cause oppressive feeling. It opened light groove on the top of ceiling light and inlay crystal chandelier. The uniformly distributed chandeliers not only have excellent decoration, but also occupy less space and create enough wide view. Additionally, the lobby column are characteristic & with wall light decoration. The whole lobby is with warm color temperature that gives clients warm feeling.

The Next Project
Edition Sanya
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